I’m sorry

I really wish I could tell you, 
just how much you mean to me,
that I have and always will love you, 
So much more than I’ll ever be able to tell, 
and I know, I know you don’t give a single fuck.
About me or what i feel, the way you made me feel.
I’m just so naive, for thinking that you have ever cared.
I guess I never even took the smallest place in your heart,
but god, did you take a big part of mine, the day you left me.
And I’m just a perfect contradiction, a paradox, ‘cause I need you,
even though I can’t need you anymore. I love you so much,
but I can’t love you anymore. I hope you can forgive me,
because i can’t stay any longer, can’t feel like this,
can’t take it, any longer. And if I really did mean
just anything to you, I’m sorry, but I ‘m done.
Done feeling like this, like i’m nothing.
I know you’ll be okay, like always,
you’re better off without me.
I just wish i could tell you. 


you can’t seem to leave my mind

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I dont feel this way on We Heart It.

if you’re looking for a sign not to kill yourself, this is it.

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guess i really need to visit a psychologist soon. 

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